News March 2023



General meeting started at 10.10 am with safety rules by Secretary Shri Bharatbhai Parikh

Followed by prayer . Shri Bharathai Parikh welcome all the members.

Entertainment programme started with Jayshreeben Vyas, followed by Darmendrabhai Mehta,Dineshbhai Sheth, Ilaben Desai, Nandini Joshi, Neelaben Kadakia, Jashubhai Patel & Dhansukhbhai Jamnadas.

All songs & bhajans were selected or related to religious festivals during the month.

Secretary Shri Bharatbhai Parikh brief programme details for the second half

Secretary Shri Bharatbhai Parikh gave details of picnic for 18th March 23

Member’s birthday celebrated during march 2023

President Shri Kiritbhai Thaker in his speech welcomed members & guests. In his speech he address the present members and declared or discussed the following points:

  1. Membership fees :

On account of Decade celebration on 14th May 2023 members those who are registered as on 31st March 2023, membership shall be waived for the next year i.e. 2023-24 member has to pay their membership for the next financial year 2023-24

(While debiting the Account by Mega event exp , membership shall be credited )

All the present members welcome the decision.


  1. Meal money :

Shreji (The caterer) has increased food cost by 2 $ as such new rate shall be $13 per diesh. Plus cost of serving packaging 0.50 cents. Calculating the same each member shall be paying 148.50 for 11 months. 

But against the same each member who is prepared to pay yearly he can pay $100/- once  for the year

Those who wanted to pay half yearly they will be charged $60/-  twice a day

Where as those who wanted to pay monthly they will be charged $13 per month.

Members welcome the same and committee has appeal all the members to go for yearly or half yearly and the yare happy to bear the difference of $9000/- to $10000/-

Shri Kiritbhai also informed members about how they are going to raise the funds to make up above diff. (either they will raise funds through food stalls or look for the sponsors) .  Members paying monthly shall have to pay $13 every time they attend the meeting. It is always advisable to pay either yearly or half yearly.

  1. Mega Event :

On account of Decade celebration on 14th May 2023 there will be a grand celebration at Mahatma Gandhi Centre and as such all the members are invited to attend the function alongwith their family memebrs

Members will be given a form to fill out , data will be collected and will arrive at a total figure , so as we can order for the catering.

Tentative total works out to 700 approx.


Treasurer Shri Mahendrabhai and President Shri Kiritbhai Taker jointly address members and brief them about  fund raised for Piha victims and $8581/- in full paid online to Ann’s funeral homes. Executive committee once again thanked all the members, their friends & families for their support . Even committee thanked Mr.Sam of Ann’s funeral home for the trust they put in us. 

With the help of 20/20 trust we are trying to get chrome book for our seniors for their day to day use and get familiar with. First draw was done today and pull out 20 names they will be informed lated date to attend the training session.

  1. Shri Kiritbhai thaker also mentioned about Mega event Souvenir and sponsors for the same. With everyone’s support we are on the target to cover catering expenses

Shri Dharmendrabhai Mehta gave update on youth wing’s last meeting and their progress

Bhojan mantra was chanted by Shri Prabubhai Desai

Meeting  was closed after lunch at 1.30 pm