1. To advance education in the community on Gujarati language, heritage and cultural values including by lectures, workshops, debates and seminars.
  2. To assist & empower the women and youth by providing them with the opportunities to be involved in the decision making process of the society.
  3. To promote cross cultural understanding between Gujarati and other communities of New Zealand.
  4. To keep the community aware of the issues affecting the lives of the young people
  5. To relieve charitable need for social inclusion in the community, including amongst the elderly, the youth and new Gujarati speaking immigrants.
  6. To encourage and assist the Gujarati students, migrants coming to New Zealand, the understanding of New Zealand’s culture, legal, economic, and social systems.
  7. To seek accept & receive donations, subsidies, grants, endorsements, gifts, legacies, loans, and banquets either in money or other property for all or any of the purposes & objects of the society

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