News December 2022

Get-together of Gujarati Samaj was organised on 11th December 2022 (Sunday) at 09.30am at Matakana Community Hall in Auckland

A change in location of the general get-together to Matakana Community Hall was conducted to celebrate the beginning of the summer season. For this reason, two buses were organised for easy transport to the meeting destination from the Friendship Club Hall at 09:30am.

Participants were split between the two buses and games were introduced as there was a 45-minute drive to the location.

Upon reaching the destination, the meeting was started by Mrs. Dharti Shukla welcoming everyone and executing the introductory slokas. A thirty second silence was performed to mourn the passing of Mr. Janak Patel.

Breakfast, tea, and coffee were served to all participants. A half an hour refresher was given for members to socialise and connect with each other.

Mr. Tejas Patel conducted games like musical chairs, red light green light, and other traditional games suited for every age group. There were prizes to be won, and winners were congratulated with boxes of chocolate. Kids had a blast playing these Gujarati games, and it connected them to each other and to their culture.

Mr. Dharmesh Patel arranged the karaoke tracks for the entertainment showcases. He then announced if anyone wanted to express interest in performing. There was a variety of acts including poetry by both Mr. Raaj Shukla and Mrs. Seema Shah, singing solos by Mr. Dharmesh Patel, Mr. Chetan Chopra and Mr. Ankit Barot, and duets by Mr. Jignesh Thakar and Mrs. Deval Thakar, and Mrs. Bhumi Chopra and Mrs. Manisha Thakkar. Mr. Dharmesh Patel encouraged everyone to sing various songs using the karaoke machine, which promoted a sense of community bonding.

Mr. Chirag Tailor had invited President Shree Kiritbhai Thakar to address the Yuva members and promoted group participation. He showed appreciation for the festivities at the Matakana Community Hall. He also announced birthdays for the month amongst the attendees, and a ‘happy birthday’ song was sung in celebration.

Mrs. Dharti Shukla announced the sponsors for the delicious dessert that was to accompany the delectable lunch. Lunch was served along with various side dishes and drinks.

After the fantastic meal, Mr. Tejas Patel and Mr. Dharmesh Patel made seating arrangements for a complimentary game of bingo, which was well received amongst the group. Mrs. Dharti Shukla and Mr. Tejas Patel also organised a game of charades for the attendees to play. Attendees participated in both games and had immense fun.

 All new members were introduced to the group. They were welcomed by all attendees with applause and ‘hurrays’.

The programme was concluded by various rounds of Garba (a form of folk dance) and Bollywood dance. The members all joined joyously.

At 05.15pm, the buses arrived to pick up our group. At 06.00pm, the bus dropped everyone off outside Friendship Club and the get-together was adjourned. Positive response was received throughout the whole gathering. A quick thank you was said to appreciate attendance.