News October 2022

 Minutes of General Meeting held on 9th October 2022 at Newlynn Friendship club, 3063, Great North Road, Newlynn, Auckland 


  1. Gujarati Samaj Yuva Wing’s co-convenor Mrs Dharti Shukla commenced the meeting with greetings to all our attendees at 15pm and thanked them for their presence.
  2. All attendees have chanted Sanskrit slokas and prayer with the due
  3. Gujarati Samaj’s President Shri Kiritbhai Thakar and Yuva Wing Convenor Shri Dharmendrabhai Mehta also have addressed Yuva members mention significance of Gujrati culture and values.
  4. Dharmesh has warmly welcomed Mr Arshav Raval, TAAL Academy and has invited him on the stage for the performance
  5. All yuva members have truly enjoyed it. After his artistic performance, we have announced should there any of our

attendee were interested in performing in the future at our next meetings such as music, dance, singing etc, to encourage collaboration and participation.

  1. Mrs Dharti Shukla has made a brief announcement regarding ‘Fund raising event’ at ‘Diwali Mela’ which hosted at Manukau by Radio Tarana and also asked for an expression of interest on volunteering there on the event day.
  2. Our committee member Mr Tejas Patel has organized games focusing to encourage interaction and participation between all our attendees.
  3. Mr Dharmesh Patel and Mrs Dharti Shukla made a birthday announcement wishing all our attendees whose birthdays fall during October month. There was also an announcement regarding future meetings to be held on every second Sunday of the month between 4pm-6.30pm. There will be an initial RSVP message sent to members
  4. Gujrati Garba and Aarti have been performed on an auspicious day of ‘Sharad Poornima’ by all yuva members. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed.
  5. Last half an hour was given to the attendees to socialise and connect with each other. Our team has served snacks,dessert and cold drinks to all attendees. Our yuva members were approached for the review on today’s meeting and if there any suggestions for next one.
  6. The meeting was concluded with thank you note to all, and we have received positive response from all the attendees.