News November 2023

General Meeting of Gujarati Yuva Samaj was organized on 13th November 2022 (Sunday) at
4.00pm at New Lynn Friendship club, Auckland.

1. Gujarati Samaj Yuva Wing’s co-convenor Mr. Chirag Tailor had started it with House rules. Mrs. Dharti Shukla greeted for Diwali New Year to all attendees and thanked them for their presence.
2. Mrs. Dharti Shukla had chanted Sanskrit slokas with the due respect.
3. Mr. Chirag Tailor had warmly welcomed and had invited Mr. Dharmesh Patel on the stage for his performance.
4. Mr. Dharmesh Patel had performed two gujrati songs wonderfully. All attendees had enjoyed it quite well and had applauded it. After his melodious performance, we had announced should any of other attendees were interested in performing in the future at our next meetings such as music, dance, singing etc.,to encourage collaboration and participation. So they can contact Mr. Tejas Patel or Mrs. Purvi Patel regarding it.
5. Mr. Chirag Tailor had invited Mr. Mitesh Patel on the stage to share his experience regarding fund raising event at ‘Diwali Mela’. He had explained how he managed preparation with the help of the team and made it successful fund-raising event. He had expressed his interest for the similar kind of opportunities in the future.
6. Mrs. Dharti shukla had welcomed Mrs. Palak Barot on the stage and had introduced her as a communications contact for the committee. It was followed by the introduction of Mrs. Sheetal Sangani as an adjoining committee member.
7. Mrs. Palak Barot had introduced new yuva members on the stage and followed with kids’ introduction.
8. Gujarati Samaj’s President Shri Kiritbhai Thakar and Yuva Wing Convenor Shri Dharmendrabhai Mehta & Mr. Bharatbhai Parikh also had addressed Yuva members on the success of food stall fund raising even as an example and had motivated attendees to participate in future. Also have distributed birthday cards of members whose birthdates are in
the November month and had wished them.
9. Our committee member Mr Tejas Patel has organized games focusing to encourage interaction and participation between all our attendees as per different age group as a team building game. Winners were praised and gifted by the committee. It was really fun filled for kids as it was falling on Children Day in India.
10.Mr Chirag Tailor and Mrs Dharti Shukla had made an announcement regarding next event as ‘picnic’ to be held on second Sunday of the December month. There will be an initial RSVP message to be sent to all yuva members.
11.Mr. Kiritbhai Thakar had announced an anonymous donation of $500.00 to the Gujarati Yuva Samaj and had also encouraged members for it in case any member wants.
12. Mr. Chirag Tailor had made an announcement for the sweet and snacks which had been sponsored by Mr. Raaj Shukla and Mrs. Sheetal Sangani due to their birthday.
13.Mr. Mitesh Patel and other volunteers had served food to all members and their kids. Everyone had enjoyed the food while mingling with each other.
14.The meeting was concluded with thank you note to all, and we have received positive response from all the attendees